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Book of the Damned - Volume 2: Lords of Chaos

Estimated Release Date: 12/1/2010
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Deific Boons [42]

Abraxas (Demoniac), Aldinach (Demoniac), Andirifkhu (Demoniac), Angazhan (Demoniac), Areshkagal (Demoniac), Baphomet (Demoniac), Cyth-V'sug (Demoniac), Daclau-Sar (Demoniac), Dagon (Demoniac), Deskari (Demoniac), Flauros (Demoniac), Gogunta (Demoniac), Haagenti (Demoniac), Izyagna (Demoniac), Jezelda (Demoniac), Jubilex (Demoniac), Kabriri (Demoniac), Kostchtchie (Demoniac), Lamashtu (Demoniac), Mazmezz (Demoniac), Menxyr (Demoniac), Mestama (Demoniac), Murnath (Demoniac), Nightripper (Demoniac), Nocticula (Demoniac), Nurgal (Demoniac), Orcus (Demoniac), Ovonovo (Demoniac), Pazuzu (Demoniac), Shamira (Demoniac), Shax (Demoniac), Shivaska (Demoniac), Sifkesh (Demoniac), Sithhud (Demoniac), Socothbenoth (Demoniac), Treerazor (Demoniac), Urxehl (Demoniac), Xoveron (Demoniac), Yamasoth (Demoniac), Yhidothrus (Demoniac), Zevgavizeb (Demoniac), Zura (Demoniac)

Demonic Implants [3]

Demon Blood, Demon Senses, Demon Talon

Feats [1]

Demonic Obedience

Magic Items (Artifacts) [1]

Book of the Damned - Demonic

Magic Items (Wondrous Items) [1]

Amulet of the Abyss

Monsters [4]

Brimorak, Seraptis, Vavakia, Vermlek

Prestige Classes [1]


Spells [4]

Disfiguring Touch, Rift of Ruin, Vermin Shape I, Vermin Shape II