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Valkyrie12outsider (extraplanar)any
Vampire9undead (augmented humanoid)any
Vampire Servant, Coffin Guard3humanoid (elf)any
Vampire Servant, Weird Butler4humanoid (halfling)any
Vampire Spawn2undead (human)any
Vampire, Enlightened Vampire12undead (augmented humanoid, human)any
Vampire, Jiang-Shi6undead (augmented humanoid)any
Vampire, Nosferatu10undead (augmented humanoid, human)any urban or ruins
Vampire, Psychic Vampire8undead (augmented humanoid)any
Vampire, Vampire Lord15undead (augmented humanoid, elf, human)any
Vampire, Vampire Savage10undead (augmented humanoid, human, orc)any
Vampire, Vampire Seducer6undead (augmented humanoid, human)any
Vampire, Vampire Warrior8undead (augmented humanoid, vishkanya)any
Vampire, Vetala6undead (augmented humanoid, human)any (Vudra)
Vampiric Mist3aberration (air, water)temperate or warm swamps or underground
Vanara1/2humanoid (vanara)any forests
Vargouille2outsider (evil, extraplanar)any
Ved5humanoid (giant)cold hills and mountains
Vegepygmy1/2plantany underground
Vegepygmy, Thorny3plant
Veldenar10magical beast (air, extraplanar)any (Plane of Air)
Vemerak14aberrationany underground
Vendenopterix4outsider (chaotic, extraplanar, shapechanger)any (Elysium)
Venomroach3verminany land
Verdurous Ooze6oozetemperate forest or plains
Verdurous Ooze, Greater Verduous Ooze11ooze
Vescavor Queen9outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)any (the Abyss)
Vescavor Swarm5outsider (chaotic, evil, extraplanar)any (the Abyss)
Vespergaunt12oozeany (Aucturn)
Vilkacis7undead (incorporeal)any land
Violet Fungus3plantany underground
Viper Vine13planttemperate or warm forests
Vireseed Swarm5plant (swarm)any
Vishkanya1/2humanoid (vishkanya)any
Vodyanoi5monstrous humanoid (aquatic)any rivers or marshes
Voidstick Zombie12undeadany
Voonith4magical beast (aquatic)any rivers or marshes
Vouivre12monstrous humanoid (aquatic)temperate forests, lakes, or rivers
Vulture1/2animalwarm plains or hills
Vulture, Giant Vulture4animalwarm plains or hills
Vulture, Whisperfall Vulture1animaltemperate mountains
Vydrarch14magical beasttemperate oceans