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Shard of Psychic Power

Source Psychic Anthology pg. 9
Aura strong transmutation; CL 17th
Slot none; Price 1,000 gp ( 1st-level), 4,000 gp ( 2nd-level), 9,000 gp ( 3rd-level), 16,000 gp ( 4th-level), 25,000 gp ( 5th-level), 36,000 gp ( 6th-level), 49,000 gp ( 7th-level), 64,000 gp ( 8th-level), 81,000 gp ( 9th-level); Weight


This shard of quartz is roughly the size of a human finger and covered in flowing sigils. It contains the knowledge of a psychic spell (chosen by the creator when the item is crafted). If the bearer is a psychic spellcaster and has that spell on her class spell list, she can use her spell slots to cast that spell as if it were one of her spells known. A shard of psychic power is priced based on the spell’s psychic spell level. If the spell does not appear on the psychic’s spell list, it is based on the highest spell level it has on any other spell list. For example, a spell that is on the 1st-level medium list and the 2nd-level spiritualist list is priced as a 2nd-level spell.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, creator must be able to cast the spell contained in the shard; Cost 500 gp (1st-level), 2,000 gp (2nd-level), 4,500 gp (3rd-level), 8,000 gp (4th-level), 12,500 gp (5th-level), 18,000 gp (6th-level), 24,500 gp (7th-level), 32,000 gp (8th-level), 40,500 gp (9th-level)