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Private Palanquin

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 250
Aura moderate abjuration and transmutation; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 63,000 gp; Weight 500 lbs.


This versatile wooden conveyance provides a safe refuge for its passengers, free from the prying eyes of others. A private palanquin can be commanded to change its appearance, including not only its decorations and appointments but also its physical form, taking the shape of an enclosed litter, two-wheeled cart, fourwheeled light or heavy wagon, carriage, or even a small cabin, though in all shapes it retains the dimensions of a Large object occupying a 10-foot cube. When activated, a private palanquin moves on its own, following its passengers’ directions, and has the following statistics: hp 150; hardness 8; Speed 40 ft.; AC 18 (–1 size, +9 natural); Attack none; CMD 24; Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +2.

Once per day, a private palanquin can be commanded to create a set of illusory draft animals or litter bearers that last for 12 hours or until dismissed. These creatures look, sound, feel, and smell just like real creatures of their type, and they appear to move the private palanquin. Up to four Medium creatures (or a single Large creature) can fit inside a private palanquin, and creatures inside it are protected from observation, both mundane and magical, as if in a mage’s private sanctum. The door to a private palanquin is locked, as per arcane lock, but opens with a command word. If the door is opened without speaking the command word, it triggers an audible alarm.


Requirements Craft Construct, Craft Wondrous Item, alarm, animate objects, arcane lock, mage’s private sanctum, veil; Cost 31,500 gp