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Magnificent Map

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 248
Aura moderate illusion; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 7,800 gp; Weight


When inactive, this item looks like a simple roll of tanned leather sized to fit in a map case. A close inspection reveals six faint runes in one corner, and anyone who knows the correct sequence can tap the runes in order to activate the item’s magic. Doing so causes a three-dimensional, monochromatic, translucent illusion to spring up—a map in exacting detail of a particular location. If the magnificent map is within the area of the map and active, its location appears on the map as a faintly pulsing green light. The map grants a +2 circumstance bonus on Survival checks to navigate the area represented.

An owner who wants to map a new area can activate the magnificent map with a different sequence of rune taps to erase any maps stored within and begin automatically mapping the area around it. The map records rooms, corridors, natural features, and large furnishings, but not living creatures or small details such as a bas-relief mural on a wall or the type of lock on a door. This mapping function operates continually, even when the map is rolled up, recording in a 30-foot radius around itself. This lasts until the map is deactivated or moves more than 500 feet from where it was first activated. Consequently, the largest area a magnificent map can portray is a sphere with a 1,000-foot diameter. Activating the magnificent map again for the purpose of mapping erases the previous map entirely, but the map automatically updates if a feature it has already mapped changes. For instance, if a door is knocked down while the magnificent map is present, the magnificent map updates its records to show what’s in the room beyond. The map must be present (and within 30 feet) to update in this way.

While mapping, the map can penetrate through creatures and thin barriers, but is blocked by 1 inch of stone, a thin sheet of any metal, or 3 inches of dirt or wood. It is not precise enough to show secret doors, hidden traps, or other concealed features. The map ignores temporary magical effects, but records permanent ones, including illusory obstacles. It can’t differentiate between illusions and real objects.

A found magnificent map usually includes a map of a region left by its previous owner.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, permanent image; Cost 3,900 gp