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Brimstone Barbazu

Source Pathfinder #104: Wrath of Thrune pg. 36
Aura moderate conjuration; CL 11th
Slot none; Price 3,300 gp; Weight 2 lbs.


Shaped in the form of a leering bearded devil clutching a glaive, this dusty yellowish figurine stands just under a foot tall. When broken or shattered, a brimstone barbazu steadily heats up over the course of 1 round, belching thick sulfuric smoke before bursting into flames. At the start of the following round, a bearded devil (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 73) appears in the square where the figurine was broken. This summoned devil is under the command of the creature that broke the figurine, as per summon monster. The devil disappears when slain or after 20 rounds. Once used, a brimstone barbazu is destroyed.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Extend Spell, summon monster V; Cost 1,650 gp