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Source Armor Master's Handbook pg. 26
Aura moderate abjuration and evocation CL 11th
Slot armor quality; Price +3 bonus; Weight


Armor with the arrow-collecting special ability grants the wearer a 20% miss chance against ranged projectile attacks (but not thrown weapon attacks, ranged spell effects such as rays, or massive ranged projectiles such as those fired from siege weapons). When a projectile misses the wearer of arrow-collecting armor because of this miss chance, the projectile begins to orbit the wearer. Arrow-collecting armor can hold up to 5 pieces of ammunition in this fashion. Any projectiles that would be collected beyond that limit drop at the wearer’s feet. As a standard action, the wearer of arrow-collecting armor can shoot all collected projectiles currently floating around the armor at a single target within 30 feet. Make a separate attack roll for each projectile, using the wearer’s ranged attack modifier and any enhancement bonus the projectile might have. If the projectiles are not used in this way within 5 minutes, or if anyone tries to grab or move them, they break and become useless. The arrow-collecting special ability can be applied only to medium armor.


Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, entropic shield, telekinesis; Price +3 bonus