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Kinetic Revivification

Source Healer's Handbook pg. 15
Element aether, water; Type utility (Su); Level 6; Burn
Prerequisite kinetic healer
You can bring an ally who died within 1 round back from the dead with your kinetic healer wild talent similarly to the breath of life spell, except the ally regains the normal number of hit points from the kinetic healer utility wild talent instead of the amount healed by breath of life. An ally revived in this way takes 1 point of burn + any points of burn from the kinetic healer utility wild talent (if you choose to have the ally take points of burn instead of taking it yourself).

If you have the metahealer ability (such as from the kinetic chirurgeon kineticist archetype found on page 90 of Occult Adventures), this feat instead allows you to bring an ally back who died within a number of rounds equal to 3 + the ally’s Constitution modifier (minimum 0) – the number of points of burn the ally had taken before it died. For each round that the ally was dead, when it is brought back to life in this way, it takes 1 additional point of burn + any points of burn from the kinetic healer talent.