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General Feats

Description Source: PRPG Core Rulebook
Some abilities are not tied to your race, class, or skill—things like particularly quick reflexes that allow you to react to danger more swiftly, the ability to craft magic items, the training to deliver powerful strikes with melee weapons, or the knack for deflecting arrows fired at you. These abilities are represented as feats. While some feats are more useful to certain types of characters than others, and many of them have special prerequisites that must be met before they are selected, as a general rule feats represent abilities outside of the normal scope of your character's race and class. Many of them alter or enhance class abilities or soften class restrictions, while others might apply bonuses to your statistics or grant you the ability to take actions otherwise prohibited to you. By selecting feats, you can customize and adapt your character to be uniquely yours.

*combat feat
armor mastery feat
⊤⊤shield mastery feat
⊤⊤⊤weapon mastery feat

Aberrant TumorAberrant bloodlineGain a tumor familiar
Aberration-Bane CasterCaster level 4th, gillman, favored enemy (aberrations) class featureIncrease the save DC of your spells that target aberrations
Ability Focus Special attackIncrease the DC of a special attack by 2.
Aboleth DeceiverIron Will, gillman, enchantment resistance racial traitOnce per day, reroll a failed saving throw against a compulsion effect
Absorb SpiritCon 13, died or possessed by an undeadTemporarily absorb a spirit to prevent rejuvenation
Abundant Revelations Mystery class featureUse a single revelation more times each day
Acadamae GraduateSpecialist wizard 1st; cannot have conjuration as a forbidden schoolCast conjuration (summoning) spells faster
Accomplished Sneak AttackerSneak attack class featureIncrease your sneak attack damage
Accursed Hex Hex class featureTarget a creature with a hex a second time that day if it made its save the first time
Acrobatic+2 bonus on Acrobatics and Fly checks
Acrobatic Spellcaster*Combat Casting, Skill Focus (Acrobatics)Avoid attacks of opportunity from casting with Acrobatics
Acrobatic StepsDex 15, Nimble MovesIgnore 20 feet of difficult terrain when you move
Acupuncture SpecialistHeal 5 ranksCure curses with a Heal check
Acute ShotFar Shot, Precise ShotDeduct range penalties from damage rolls instead of attack rolls
Adaptive Fortune Fortunate One, adaptable luck racial trait, character level 10th, halflingIncrease your skill and uses with Adaptable Luck
Adder Strike* Poison use class feature, Craft (alchemy) 1 rank, Improved Unarmed StrikeMay apply contact poison to unarmed strikes
Additional AffiliationsIncrease affiliation slot total by 2
Additional TraitsGain two additional character traits
Adept Champion Smite evil class feature, base attack bonus +5Trade smite evil damage for bonus on combat maneuver checks
Adept ChannelAbility to cast divine spells, summon familiar class ability, caster level 4th, Cha 13Gain the channel energy class feature
Advance WarningCha 15Help allies avoid being surprised
Advanced Armor Training*Armor training class feature, fighter level 3rd.Gain an advanced armor training option
Advanced Gathlain MagicCha 13, character level 3rd, gathlainGain additional spell-like abilities
Advanced Ranger Trap Trap class feature, ranger level 5thAdd +1 to the Disable Device and Perception check DCs for your ranger traps
Advanced Weapon Training*Fighter level 5th, weapon training class featureGain an advanced weapon training option
Aerial Roll*Fly 10 ranksDodge attacks by making with a Fly check
Agent of FearPersuasive, frightening appearance class featureTarget a creature more often with appearances
Agile Maiden*Str 13; Dex 13; Endurance or armor training class feature; proficiency with heavy armorTreat Gray Maiden plate as medium or heavy armor for class features
Agile Maneuvers*Use your Dex bonus when calculating your CMB
Agile Tongue GrippliYour tongue becomes capable of manipulating small items or stealing objects
Agonizing Obedience3 ranks in HealPhysically defile yourself to gain special boons
Airy Step Sylph+2 save vs. air/electricity effects, ignore 30 ft. when falling
Alchemical Strike*Throw Anything, base attack bonus +6Increase the save DC of thrown alchemical items
Aldori Artistry*Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Weapon Finesse, base attack bonus +2Gain a+2 bonus on a combat maneuver when using an Aldori dueling sword
Aldori Dueling Disciple*Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword)Gain bonuses on Intimidate checks
Aldori Dueling Mastery*Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Quick Draw, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword)Gain initiative and defensive bonuses when wielding an Aldori dueling sword
Aldori Style Aegis*Aldori Style Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword)Parry an attack made by a single focused target
Aldori Style Conquest*Aldori Style, Aldori Style Aegis, Alertness, Combat Reflexes, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword), Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (Aldori dueling sword)Take no penalties on attack rolls when using Aldori Style Aegis to parry an attack
Alertness+2 bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks
Align EquipmentAlignment Channel, Bless Equipment, caster level 3rd, channel energy class featureEnhance your equipment blessings with abilities
Alignment ChannelChannel energy class featureChannel energy can heal or harm outsiders
All-Consuming Swing*Str 13, Power Attack, Cleave, Vital Strike, base attack bonus +8Apply Vital Strike to a Cleave attack, but take the Vital Strike damage yourself as well
Ally CallerTriton, summon nature’s ally II spell-like ability, character level 3rdUse your racial summon nature's ally spell-like ability more often
Alter Binary MindscapeInt 13, ability to cast instigate psychic duelOpponent must spend 1 extra manifestation point to defend itself
Altitude AffinityEnduranceAutomatically acclimated to high altitude
Al-Zabriti-Trained HorseHorseLearn bonus tricks, can be trained easier
Amateur Gunslinger* You have no levels in a class that has the grit class featureGain limited amount of grit and access to gunslinger deeds
Amateur InvestigatorInt 13, 1 rank in at least one Knowledge skill, no levels in a class that has the inspiration class featureGain a minor pool of inspiration for use with Knowledge, Linguistics, or Spellcraft checks
Amateur Swashbuckler*No levels in a class that has the panache class featureGain a minor pool of panache to use with a 1st-level swashbuckler deed of your choice
Ambuscading SpellCreatures take a penalty versus your spells on the surprise round
Ambush AwarenessAlertnessTake total defense action when surprised