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Stylized Spell (Metamagic)

Source Ultimate Intrigue pg. 93
You cast a spell in a distinctive manner.

Prerequisites: Bluff 5 ranks, Spellcraft 5 ranks.

Benefit: A stylized spell has slightly different verbal and somatic components than normal, and the spell effect appears noticeably different. The Spellcraft DC to identify a stylized spell as it is being cast is 10 higher than normal. The Knowledge (arcana) DC to identify a stylized spell, its effects, or the materials it creates is 10 higher than normal, as is the DC to recognize your magical signature with greater detect magic. When you apply this feat to a spell, you can attempt to disguise your stylized spell as another spell of the same school and subschool with the same descriptors. The other spell must be either the same spell level as the stylized spell (before applying the metamagic adjustment) or 1 spell level higher. If you do so, the stylized spell gains the ruse descriptor (see page 192) and takes on some superficial aspects of the other spell. As usual for a spell with the ruse descriptor, identification attempts that fail by 10 or less mistakenly identify it as the chosen spell (those that fail by more can’t identify it at all). A stylized spell uses up a spell slot 1 level higher than the spell’s actual level.