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Ritual Mask

Source Adventurer's Guide pg. 125, Arcane Anthology pg. 15
You can use your mask to enhance your occult powers.

Prerequisites: Nameless One, ability to cast one or more occult rituals (Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures 208).

Benefit: While benefiting from the Nameless One feat, your masked identity affords you a greater spiritual connection when you act as the primary caster for an occult ritual you know. For any such occult ritual, you can attempt all required skill checks, even if untrained in such a skill. If you are trained in such a skill, you instead gain a +3 bonus on your skill check.

In addition, if you have the spirit class feature (as per the shamanACG or mediumOA class), you can use the ritualistic focus afforded by this feat to enhance your connection to spirits with which you have communed. Once per day, when you use a supernatural ability granted to you by your spirit (such as a shaman’s spirit’s hex or spirit abilities, or a medium’s spirit powers), you increase your effective class level by 1 when determining the effects of that supernatural ability.