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Porcupine Defense (Combat)

Source Dragonslayer's Handbook pg. 25 (Amazon)
You are a threat to opponents that try to overwhelm you.

Prerequisites: Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, base attack bonus +6.

Benefit: Whenever an opponent of at least one size category larger than yourself attempts a combat maneuver attack against you, you gain a +2 bonus on any allowed attacks of opportunity. If your opponent may make such attacks without provoking attacks of opportunity, you instead gain a +2 bonus to CMD against such maneuvers.

Combat Trick

Source Armor Master's Handbook pg. 21 (Amazon)
You can spend 5 stamina points to make an attack of opportunity against an opponent at least one size category larger than you if that opponent attempts a combat maneuver check against you. You can perform this attack of opportunity even if your opponent can attempt such combat maneuvers without normally provoking attacks of opportunity. (Dragonslayer’s Handbook 25)