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Comsumption (Blood Hex)

Source Magic Tactics Toolbox pg. 29
You cause your rivals to spend additional precious resources while wounded.

Prerequisites: Int 13, Use Magic Device 5 ranks.

Benefit: As a full-round action, you can curse a creature you’ve dealt damage to since the beginning of your last round to use certain powers quickly. The creature must succeed at a Fortitude save or if it uses any of the following class abilities during the next minute, it must spend at least two daily uses or rounds of that ability: arcane poolUM, arcane reservoirACG, bardic performance, bloodrageACG, bombAPG, inspirationACG, ki pool, mental focusOA, mesmerist trickOA, phrenic poolOA, rage, or raging songACG.

Special: A shaman or witch can use this blood hex as a standard action.