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Kineticist Archetypes

AquakinetcistElemental Focus; Expanded Element; Basic Hydrokinesis; 2nd, 6th-levle Utility Wild Talent; Elemental DefenseWhile all hydrokineticists have the ability to control water, aquakineticists’ powers are tied to their determination to explore the world beneath the waves.
BlightburnerElemental Focus; Basic Geokinesis; 2nd-level Utility Power; Elemental Overflow; Flesh of Stone; Gather Power; Internal BufferDarklands geokineticists sometimes exhibit supernatural powers associated with blightburn crystals. Blightburner kineticists harness this radioactivity in pyrotechnic displays, an unusual feat for those connected to the element of earth.
Blood Kineticist1st, 5th, 9th, and 11th-level Infusions; 6th and 8th-level Utility Wild Talent; Expanded Element; OmnikinesisTo a blood kineticist, the water in a creature’s blood is just like any other sort, and she uses that knowledge to brutal ends.
Dark ElementalistAlignment; Key Ability Score; Burn; Elemental Overflow; Internal BufferDark elementalists are loathe to suffer the consequences of channeling their power and study the darkest esoteric energies of the planes to use souls to fuel their occult might.
Elemental Annihilator1st, 3rd, 5th, and 9th-level Infusions; all utility wild talentsFor some kineticists, nothing in life is as sweet as destruction and pain. Elemental annihilators pursue only uses of their powers that harm others.
Elemental AsceticKinetic Blast; Elemental Overflow; Wild Talents; Elemental Defense; 5th, 9th, 13th-level InfusionsCombining the elemental powers of a kineticist with the rigid physical discipline of a monk, an elemental ascetic channels his powers through his body to enhance himself in combat.
Elemental PuristInternal Buffer; Expanded Elements; 11th, 19th-level Infusion; OmnikinesisAn elemental purist spurns all elements that are not her own, for utter devotion can allow one to accomplish even seemingly impossible heroics.
Kinetic ChirurgeonInfusions; Metakinesis; Infusion Specialization; Internal BufferWhile any hydrokineticist or telekineticist can learn the rudiments of healing, some kineticists are virtuosos of the curative arts.
Kinetic KnightClass Skills; Kinetic Blast; Infusions; Metakinesis; Metakinetic Master; 3rd-level Infusion; SuperchargeA kinetic knight dons armor and wields a blade of elemental energy.
Overwhelming SoulClass Skills; Wild Talents; Burn; Internal Buffer; Elemental OverflowSome kineticists have such a powerful personality that they can seize control of their element with their minds alone, without endangering their bodies.
PsychokinetcistKey Ability Score; Burn; Elemental OverflowPsychokineticists channel elemental power through their minds rather than their bodies and while this energy ravages their minds, it unleashes power locked in their ruptured emotions.