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Id Rager

Source Occult Origins pg. 23
An id rager lacks a supernatural taint to his blood, instead drawing power from pure emotion.

Atavistic Avatar (Su): An id rager chooses one emotional focus to define his core: anger, dedication, despair, fear, hatred, jealousy, remorse (see page 19), or zeal. At 1st level, he gains Skill Focus as a bonus feat in one skill associated with his atavistic focus.

Anger: Intimidate or Survival.
Dedication: Diplomacy or Sense Motive.
Despair: Intimidate or Stealth.
Fear: Intimidate or Stealth.
Hatred: Acrobatics or Perception.
Jealousy: Appraise or Bluff.
Remorse: Perception or Sense Motive.
Zeal: Acrobatics or Survival.

When the id rager enters a bloodrage, he gains additional powers as if he were a phantom (Pathfinder RPG Occult Adventures 78) with the emotional focus he selected as his atavistic focus. He is considered to be both a phantom and a spiritualist for the purposes of abilities whose effect references both a phantom and a spiritualist, such as a dedication phantom’s dutiful strike, and treats his bloodrager level as both his spiritualist level and his phantom Hit Dice when determining abilities and save DCs. This ability does not allow the id rager to become incorporeal.

At 4th level, the id rager gains Lightning Reflexes, Great Fortitude, or Iron Will as a bonus feat.

At 8th level, the id rager can meditate for 1 hour to change his atavistic focus for 24 hours or until he decides to return to his permanent atavistic focus as a free action. When he changes his focus, he loses access to his Skill Focus feat and the feat he gained at 4th level, and he wields emotional focus powers as if his spiritualist level and phantom Hit Dice were 3 lower.

At 12th level, the id rager gains Skill Focus in both of the skills associated with his atavistic focus. If circumstances cause him to lose one Skill Focus feat, he loses both.

This ability replaces bloodline, all bloodline spells, and all bloodline powers.

Atavistic Caster: At 4th level, a id rager’s bloodrager spells are treated as psychic magic (Occult Adventures 144). The bloodrager’s bloodrage does not prevent him from casting spells with emotional components, and he is considered to be a psychic spellcaster for the purposes of prerequisites (such as for the prerequisites of psychic duels and occult skill unlocks). This ability alters the bloodrager’s spellcasting and replaces eschew materials.

Bonus Feats: At 6th level and every 3 bloodrager levels thereafter, an id rager can select one of the following feats as a bonus feat: Combat Casting, EmpathOA, Extra Rage, Intuitive SpellOA, Logical SpellOA, Psychic CombatantOA, Psychic DefenderOA, Psychic HealingOA, Psychic MaestroOA, Psychic VirtuosoOA, Raging ConcentrationACG, Spell Focus, or Spell Penetration. This ability replaces all bloodline feats.